Website Specialist

NOLA Web Host , owned and managed by M. Landry has been at this for over 10 years. I have Never had anyone handle any part of the business or technical aspects of the Online Services I provide.

NOLA Web Host , has Never had any type of Server Failure or security breach of any type, and never shut server down except for occasional reboot.

I only have self imposed limit on how many websites I Design and Host, so don't hesitate to call me.

 Custom Website Package

    If you have been contemplating building and launching a website, I can tell you, it's no easy task. First you have to secure a Domain Name for your website. Next, you will have to secure Hosting (space on a webserver somewhere), usually you will have to configure the server. Configuring the server is no job for a novice, expert skills needed.

  It is very technical, and requires extensive knowledge to install and implement the software, extensions, modules, php, ini, etc.. You also must configure named servers, mail servers, databases, etc.. You must implement security patches and updates, backups, etc..  OR JUST CALL ME.